Futility room

Get busy living, or get busy laundry

Our days are governed by cycles.  Ancient patterns, ever-repeating, defining every individual existence.

Cycles of life, in which death is but one step in a greater sequence of renewal.

Cycles of physics, maintaining the perfect equilibrium of the universe.

Cycles of instinct and emotion, our fragile minds forever at the mercy of vortices both vicious and virtuous.

Cycles of myth and parable, deep-rooted stories of repetition and reproduction, laden with meaning and moral.  The most arresting concern the eternal torment of those poor, unfortunate souls whose comeuppance is a stark lesson for the rest of us.

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Travel Policy

It's not about the destination. It's about the journey.

Emma and I love to travel.  Prior to parenthood, we were rarely at home.  We flew overseas numerous times.  We toured Mexico and Peru for our honeymoon.  We travelled back and forth across the UK – visiting friends and family and exploring areas of interest.

To set forth on such adventures with our children – expanding their horizons, introducing them to the myriad wonders of the world and including them in the thrill of discovery – is something we have both always longed to do.


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