Clothing Down (Everything Must Go)

More clothes than you can possibly imagine, or dispose of.

In December 1972, Professor of Meteorology, Edward Lorenz, presented, ‘Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?’ at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  He spoke regarding the theory that small changes in initial conditions can cascade to large-scale alterations of events.

Six years and eight months later, a boy was born–

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Sunlight in the storm - Bundles of joy, moments of elation

As a source of diverse emotions, parenting is rich and abundant.  None of these emotions have been strangers to me – life before parenting was not exactly without incident, but in parenting I have enjoyed, savoured, borne and suffered them all in new and exciting ways.  Emotionally-speaking, life is like a box of exploding chocolates.  Parents – and in particular those genuinely and completely invested in parenting – are more exposed and vulnerable.

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Under Siege

System-attic or problem-attic? Take control of your storage space.

“A man’s house is his castle,” wrote Sir Edward Coke in 1628, incorporating a longstanding popular conviction into ‘The Institutes of the Laws of England.’

Once upon a time, Emma and I were fortunate enough to become King and Queen of our own castle, albeit in uneasy alliance with the morally ambiguous sorceress, Mortgage Le Fay.

It is our Camelot.  Sometimes a lively court of utopian majesty, and sometimes…

Well, sometimes just a silly place.

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Wiped Out

The never-ending chore; get ready to get hands on.

My first physical contact with Alex was on the day after she’d been born, reaching into the incubator to stroke her while she slept, curled tightly in a kneeling position.

Two years later, my first contact with Adam was almost immediately after he’d been lifted from the womb, receiving him – a curious, blue flailing creature – from a member of the surgical team while I sat on a stool next to Emma in the operating theatre.

Since their births, not a single day goes by without physical contact between my children and I.

But do you know what specific act of physical contact I engage in most often with my children?

Go on, have a guess…

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