About: Who I am

In my introduction, I promised to explain myself and this blog to you by trying to answer the following questions:

1.  What are my circumstances?
2.  Who am I?
3.  What am I doing?
4.  Why am I doing it?
5.  Who am I doing it for?

Now I shall expand on my answer to question 2, previously summarised as:

“I enjoy writing and illustration, reading, cooking, jogging, friends and family.  I do not enjoy aubergine.  Overactive imagination.  Stubborn with bad hands.  Tall.  Not necessarily thin.  Sometimes smart, sometimes stupid.  Wary of bugs.”

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Unexpect the Expected (2)

Accept change.  Life arrives when it wants, how it wants.

Part Two

As I was saying, don’t leave home without a plan.

Work out what it is you want to happen, and why.  Work out how you want it to happen, who needs to do what, and when.  All that good stuff.  You can even think about how things might go awry, or differently at least, and how you might respond in the event of.

Perfect your plan and then, like a paper aeroplane through an open window, launch it.

Watch it fly.

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