Introduction & About

In my introduction, I mentioned that I intended to explain myself and this blog to you by trying to answer the following questions:

  1. What are my circumstances?
  2. Who am I?
  3. What am I doing?
  4. Why am I doing it?
  5. Who am I doing it for?

If you would like to know more, please click on the links above.  Otherwise, here it all is, summarised in 100 words:

Married.  Two children.  No pets.  South of England, UK.  Small house.  Mid-thirties.  Employed, content, comfortable – though not yet able to join all the dots.  I enjoy writing and illustration, reading, cooking, jogging, friends and family.  I do not enjoy aubergine.  Overactive imagination.  Stubborn with bad hands.  Tall.  Not necessarily thin.  Sometimes smart, sometimes stupid.  Wary of bugs.  Sharing real experience of becoming a parent.  Open.  Honest.  Participation welcome.  Trying to write what I wanted to read.  Trying to process and express everything in my head.  Writing for fathers, prospective fathers, mothers, prospective mothers and anyone else who is interested.

Thanks for reading.

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